Global Executive MBA HSG (MBA, Berufsbegleitend)

Typ Master of Business Administration
Studienform Berufsbegleitend
Studienbeginn August
Dauer 18 Monate
Kosten 74.000,00€
Sprache English
Benötigte Berufserfahrung 5 Jahre

Universität St. Gallen / Global Executive MBA HSG im Detail

In 2016, the University of St.Gallen will offer a unique Global Executive MBA program with 7 key modules  around the globe.

Each of the 7 Modules consists of 2 Courses - a Course is providing participants with a solid foundation in general management subjects (e.g. strategic management, marketing, corporate finance, etc.) and is taking place from Monday to Friday (therefore lasting 5 days). Each Course of five days is including a so called Business on Site session of approx. one day, that gives you insights into the local business world (please see Business on Site).

During the whole 18 months program you will additionally be provided with the Career Development Program, where participants are coached and supported individually to achieve their career goals (please see Career Development Program).

The Master Thesis is kicked off in the first Module in St.Gallen with an "introduction to academic writing". The Master Thesis gives you the great opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired during the program to extensive practical use by translating the models, methods and instruments that have been discussed and by applying recommendations for decision-makers' action. In the last Module of the program participants are required to defend the Master Thesis.

70 Course days are delivered on campus, 20 days are delivered off campus (distance learning, preparation and reflection in order to expand your learning experience!)

Become a participant of the "the world's most exciting Executive MBA program"!


  • The minimum requirements to apply for the Global Executive MBA HSG are the following: • Recognized undergraduate degree • Five years of work experience with at least three years at the management level • Fluency in English In exceptional cases, candidates without a recognized undergraduate degree but with outstanding leadership qualifications can be admitted to the program. Please send us your application online or in digital form (consisting of the application form and a personal and a professional reference letter). After we have confirmed your successful application, we will invite you to a case study and personal interview in St. Gallen. During the interview your analytical capabilities, personality, and professional potential will be assessed. The interview will also serve to evaluate your expectations and career goals.


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