Business and Organizational Psychology (English) (M.A., Vollzeit)

Typ Master of Arts
Studienform Vollzeit
Schwerpunkt Human Resource Management (berufsbegleitend)
Studienbeginn January, March, May, July, September, and November
Dauer 24 Monate
Bewerbungsfrist No application deadline
Kosten 14.700,00€
Sprache English
Ort Berlin

Institute of Executive Capabilities der Steinbeis-Hochschule / Business and Organizational Psychology (English) im Detail

Business and Organizational Psychology

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The dynamic developments in the economy and society and the consequent increasing demands on all aspects of working life require contemporary work and control skills. To meet the challenges, versatile educated professionals and managers are required which focused on the future with its economic and organizational psychology competence in the interaction between man and the economy.
The aim of the course "Business and Organizational Psychology" is to provide necessary technical and managerial skills and the development of personal skills to oversee and shape the diverse conditions and contexts of workplace practices can. Given the potential to be economic and organizational psychology knowledge recognized and successfully applied to the daily work of modern organizations.

Target Group and Future Perspectives

The master‘s program is intended for working professionals from any walk of life – i.e. HR managers, psychologists, business managers, marketing experts, social workers, engineers or scientists, who want to hone their people skills and boost their career with meaningful qualification and become sought-after talents in the labor market. Globally, companies are recognizing the value of the business and organizational psychologists in solving organizational problems related to productivity and hiring the best employees. This makes it one of the fastest-growing professions.

The degree course offers scientifically grounded academic studies with a strong practical element, which will prepare the students for a vast range of functions and fields of work. Students will be able to use the practice-oriented expertise they acquired in the master‘s program in many organizational and business areas that are becoming increasingly relevant in the modern work environment, such as:
  • Business Management

  • HR Management

  • Marketing & Communication

  • Market Research

  • Leadership

  • Coaching

  • Consulting

  • Project Activities and Network Management

Course Structure and Curriculum

The IEC offers you coaching and tutoring during your studies. You will have an opportunity to discuss and get advice on current questions from practice and science relating to your studies. The tutoring concept’s focus on your needs and the study concept represent effective support for your progress on the course. The flexible design of the course makes the degree a particularly suitable choice for students in employment. You can study alongside your normal job in a combination of self-guided studies and module blocks on campus.


The success of this approach is evident in a large number of successful graduates. Supporting you effectively during your studies is an integral part of the philosophy of the Institute of Executive Capabilities.


The degree course is designed for trained business and organizational psychologists to:

  • be ready to compete in global workforce,
  • maximize the potential of human capital in organizations (e.g. training, coaching, L&D),
  • be able to apply cutting-edge research and best practices for organizational needs (e.g. in market research, change management, and advertising),
  • have the ability to manage and resolve organizational problems (e.g. conflict management, HR negotiation),
  • master the complex challenges of management practice in diverse areas of their business practice.


The academic focus of the psychology modules lies in the area of occupational, organizational, and market psychology. The business management focus lies on managing and developing profit and non-profit enterprises and organizations.


  • A recognized university degree is required for enrolment in the course.



Steinbeis IEC - Master in Business & Organizational Psychology

The Master's program in Business and Organizational Psychology is intended for working professionals from many walks of life – i.e. HR managers, psychologists, business managers, marketing experts, social workers, engineers or scientists, who want to hone their people skills and boost their career with meaningful qualification and become sought-after talents in the labor market.


Research Methods Human Resource Management Organizational Behaviour und Change Management Organizational Development Business Psychology Organizational Consulting Market and Advertising Psychology Psychology of Change in Organizations


Business and Organizational Psychology (English)

Mir haben die praxisorientierten Beispiele, die die Dozenten gerne weitergeben, sehr gefallen. Ich kann einen Vergleich mit meinem Bachelor-Abschluss ziehen, der mehr theoretisch orientiert war und hauptsächlich von Akademikern vermittelt wurde. Insgesamt hat er mir geholfen, kritisches und wissenschaftliches Denken zu entwickeln, und jetzt erwerbe ich mit Freude einen anderen Abschluss mit einer anderen Perspektive, der ausschließlich für meinen jetzigen Beruf relevant und stärker praxisorientiert ist.

Kristina Galabova, 22.11.2018
Business and Organizational Psychology (English)

Die Dozenten sind einer der besten Teile des Lernprogramms. Zu wissen, dass die Dozenten selbst in ihren hochrangigen Positionen in angesehenen Organisationen ähnliche Lerninhalte anwenden, gibt mir die Gewissheit, dass das Lernmaterial aktuell und relevant ist.

Arshad Sheik, 12.05.2019
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