Entrepreneurial Economics & Management (M.Sc., Vollzeit)

Typ Master of Science
Studienform Vollzeit
Schwerpunkt Entrepreneurship
Studienbeginn März / Oktober
Dauer 24 Monate
Bewerbungsfrist WS: 25. September / SS: 20. März
Kosten 43.152,00€
Sprache Englisch
Ort Berlin

University of Applied Sciences Europe – BiTS und BTK / Entrepreneurial Economics & Management im Detail

Master's degree in Berlin - for tomorrow's innovators

"Entrepreneurs must understand the economy and the business world. Knowing the rules of the game enables them to successfully operate in their field of action. The rest is attitude and passion. Here is where you get all of that.” Prof. Dr. Stefan Kooths, Program Leader

Make a leap in your management career at BiTS! How? With an accredited Master of Science in Entrepreneurial Economics, taught completely in English at one of the 25 best internationally oriented universities in the world. We provide you personal support and build trust with you to inspire confidence, and our primary focus is on practical application in the real world.

Study in Berlin, in the very heart of this pulsating international metropolis and center of creativity and start-ups, right at Potsdamer Platz. Become part of the world’s biggest education network, Laureate International Universities, and gain valuable experiences in international studies and practices, both in Germany and abroad.


This new master’s program combines high-level economics with application-oriented courses in business and finance. Economics is thereby taught based on the foundations of the Austrian School. Entrepreneurial Economics is the first English-taught master’s program in Europe that is solidly rooted in the Austrian tradition. However, besides the Austrian focus this program also committed to methodological pluralism, since all relevant schools of thought are included in the curriculum.

Such strategic competencies are especially important in the area of change management, a field that is nowadays often addressed using  “Embedded Entrepreneurial Teams”. Economists with a profound knowledge of the financial and banking system are also sought after in the finance sector. The graduates of this program are well-prepared to start a career in any of these areas because they are able to critically discuss various opinions and provide strong and convincing arguments. In general, however, the graduates with a master´s degree in Entrepreneurial Economics and Management should consider themselves as entrepreneurs on their own behalves with personal business goals and ideas that they can put into practice. 


  • Erster akademischer Hochschulabschluss: Bachelor, Diplom oder Magister mit Wirtschafts-, Mathematik- oder Philosophiebezug (alternativ können Vorkurse belegt werden)
  • Abschlussnote „gut“ bzw. Empfehlungsschreiben einer Hochschule/eines Professors
  • gute Englischkenntnisse (mindestens B2 Niveau)


Business Austrian economics Finance Mathematical economics Advanced statistics


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