Industrial Management in Microelectronics (M.Sc., Vollzeit)

Typ Master of Science
Dresden International University
Dresden International University
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Studienform Vollzeit
Schwerpunkt Industrial Management and Engineering
Studienbeginn Spring/ Autumn
Dauer 18 Monate
Kosten 17.800,00€
Sprache Englisch
Ort Dresden

Dresden International University / Industrial Management in Microelectronics im Detail

The production of micro and nano-electronic circuits and devices is a rapidly developing area with a high gradient of innovation. There are two challenges a leading engineer of chip and processor production is facing:
I) to be familiar with the latest developments in semiconductor technology and
II) to be able to organize the logistics of a rapidly changing production of circuits and devices with respect to both an efficient and low-cost production as well as to guarantee highest yields and quality.

Neither a manager of business administration nor an electronic engineer will be able to fulfill both requirements in sufficient quality. This program reflects the complexities and discovers the synergies by combining the competencies of engineers with those of managers in this field.

Students participating in this program will gain solid and fundamental knowledge in modern aspects of processor technology, packaging, microsystem and sensor technology as well as fundamental information on operations and logistics management and project management in semiconductor industry and related branches (see description of modules). Small study groups allow efficient and individual studying supported by intensive scientific care in theoretical and experimental exercises. Besides their scientific qualification the graduates will gain extended international and intercultural experience. Successful graduates of the program can start their career in different fields of the microelectronic industry, in companies dealing with microsystem and sensor technique and in all kinds of supply industries.


Logistic/Operat. Management Microelectronics Semiconductor Operation


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