Master of Business Administration (MBA, Berufsbegleitend)

Typ Master of Business Administration
Hochschule Darmstadt
Hochschule Darmstadt
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Studienform Berufsbegleitend
Schwerpunkt General Management
Studienbeginn 01. Oktober
Dauer 24 Monate
Bewerbungsfrist 15. August
Kosten Kosten auf Anfrage
Sprache Englisch
Benötigte Berufserfahrung 3 Jahre
Ort Darmstadt

Hochschule Darmstadt / Master of Business Administration im Detail

Master of Business Administration 

- Among Europe's Top 20 by the International Graduate Forum -

The MBA programme at Darmstadt Business School is tailored to meet the challenges of a dynamic global economy. It is a classical general management programme, emphasising strategy, finance, marketing and management teachings. Following the concept of Applied Sciences, we focus on a close connection between theory and practical application.

The Darmstadt MBA is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to prepare for a career in management. It provides intensive, relevant and effective preparation for the challenges faced by executives of national and international enterprises. Graduates from non-economic disciplines are the primary target group as well as those, who have studied Economics and wish to expand their skills in the areas of decision making and management orientation.

Course Content

With this course of study we provide a practical and internationally-orientated education that enables you to understand changing and challenging business processes easily. An integrated and intensive curriculum covering the most important areas of present-day business management will introduce you to innovative methods and concepts. You will acquire and apply the knowledge and tools learned to solve business problems in a global context. 

Furthermore, particular importance is attached to the development of the interpersonal skills of our students. These include: an ability to work in a team, decision-making, presentation techniques, conducting negotiations and intercultural understanding.

On completion of your core Program, you´ll tailor your degree to your individual interests and goals with Expertise Tracks. Choose three Expertise Tracks out of eight based on your personal interests and goals.

We will endow you with the necessary leadership skills for your management position and help you in the art of developing a business vision. In order to teach you these skills and make them operational, a powerful step-by-step procedure has been designed to assist you in gaining a leading position in your personal field of competence and interest. The MBA curriculum comprises 11 modules plus Master’s Thesis with a total of 90 Credit Points.


The MBA programme has been fully accredited and recommended by AQAS. The accreditation vouches for a high standard of education. AQAS is one of the leading German agencies for accreditation of business management programmes. 

Programme structure

Our part-time MBA programme conveniently enables participants to combine a career with continuing education. No time off work is necessary, and the entire programme can be completed parallel to full-time employment.

Our full-time MBA programme gives you the opportunity for an accelerated and more intensive study.

There are 4 ways to study the MBA:

  • Live-Online Full-Time
  • Live-Online Part-Time
  • Hybrid Full-Time
  • Hybrid Part-Time


Students will be awarded an internationally-recognized degree “Master of Business Administration”. The degree qualifies one in particular for employment at the executive level in various fields of industry. Holders of this degree are entitled to begin PhD studies in Germany and abroad.

Admission requirements

For admission to our part-time MBA programme we require:

  • An above average first university degree
  • 30 CP basic economic knowledge or attendance at preparation courses
  • Adequate English language skills
  • 3 years  of professional experience

The MBA programme at Darmstadt Business School is designed for high-potential employees who require solid management skills in addition to their existing academic qualifications. To reach its full potential, the MBA programme needs to start at a certain level of presupposed knowledge. Therefore, we provide preparation courses for all applicants who don’t have a basic knowledge of business administration at the start of their MBA studies.


The part-time programme takes two years (four semesters) and is designed to combine continuing professional development with full-time employment, whereas the full-time pgrogramme takes 1.5 years (three semesters).

Admission deadlines

For applicants with a German first university degree: 15 September each year

For applicants with a foreign first university degree: 15 August each year


The language of instruction is English.


The tuition fees for the MBA programme amount to € 24.800. They cover all expenses for teaching, books, learning materials, institutional costs and preparation courses, if needed. In addition, all students matriculated at h_da are required to pay the semester fees, which are approximately € 290 per semester.


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